Who the Heck is Gavrilo Princip?

   Who the heck is Gavrilo Princip and why should he be Time Magazine's 
Person of the Century?  On June 28, 1914 he assassinated Archduke 
Francis Ferdinand of Austria and his wife which started World War I. 
The aftermath of World War I led to World War II, which in turn led to 
the Cold War.  His cold blooded murder of Francis Ferdinand and 
his wife led to this century being the bloodiest in mankind's history.

   To those voting to have Jesus Christ as the Person of the Century,
I would like to remind you that Jesus has been dead for almost 2,000 
years.  They are looking for someone from THIS century.  Also, it is
an insult to Jesus.  This has been the bloodiest most horrible century
in history.  Do you really want him blamed for this century?  

Tell Time who you think they should pick

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