The Crocco Cabal uses different types of Gematria:

1. "Traditional Hebrew" Gematria 
Aleph to tet = 1 through 9
Yod to Tsadi = 10 through 90
Kuph to Tav = 100 through 400

2. a "Roman/Hebrew" Gematria using the same Hebrew gematrical rules:
A to I = 1 through 9
J to R = 10 through 90
S to Z = 100 through 800

3. a "Roman numeric" Gematria
A to Z = 1 through 26

I have put the gematrical system used to calculate each value in parenthesis after each word.

Some sample Erisian Gematrical values:
Eris (1) = 271
Arsi (1) "venomous" = 271 

Discordia (1) = 399
Kallisti (2) "to the prettiest one" = 399
haTipshah (1) "the female fool" = 399

goddess (3) = 73
paradise (3) = 73
M'vochah (1) "confusion" = 73
crazy (3) = 73

Sacred Chao (3) = 77
Oz (1) "strength" = 77

Land of Thud (3) = 105
New Jersey (3) = 105

Grey Face (3) = 70
o++o (3) = 70 [my dog is the fulcrum]
Anarchy (3) = 70

God (3) = 26
YHVH, i.e. Joe Hovah (1) = 26

War (3) = 42
Iran (3) = 42

warfare (3) = 72
Baghdad, Iraq (3) = 72
Syria (3) = 72

nuclear war (3) = 116
confusion (3) = 116

Contemplate these Gematric values until they are true in some sense, 
false in some sense, true and false in some sense, and neither true 
nor false in some sense.

Millions of people believe that people born in the same Astrological 
sign have similar personalities, that your personality is fixed by the 
Stars.  Consult the Astro-illogical chart below to see your true 

Sign		Dates      		Your personality
Taurus		4/20-5/20		You are a genocidal maniac like  
                                        your fellow Taurus Adolf 

Gemini		5/21-6/20		You like to torture people like  
                                        your fellow Gemini the Marquis
                                        de Sade.

Cancer		6/21-7/22		You are a dirty fighter like
                                        your fellow Cancer Mike Tyson.

Leo		7/23-8/22		You are a slut like your fellow 
                                        Leo Mae West.

Virgo		8/23-9/22		You are insane and think you 
                                        are god like your fellow Virgo
                                        the Roman Emperor Caligula.

Libra		9/23-10/23		You are a flamboyant homosexual 
                                        like your fellow Libra Oscar

Scorpio	        10/24-11/22	        You are a pornographer like
                                        your fellow Scorpio Larry

Sagittarius	11/23-12/21		You are paranoid and people 
                                        fear and hate you like your 
                                        fellow Sagittarius Joseph 

Capricorn	12/22-1/19		You are untrustworthy and a 
                                        traitor like your fellow 
                                        Capricorn Benedict Arnold.

Aquarius	1/20-2/19		You are an alcoholic and  
                                        people laugh at you like your 
					fellow Aquarius W.C. Fields.

Pisces		2/20-3/20		You are a terrorist like your 
                                        fellow Pisces Osama Bin Laden.                       
                                        Everybody hates you.

Aries		3/21-4/19		You like to beat children with 
                                        wire hangers like your fellow
					Aries Joan Crawford.

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