On Pungenday, Discord 70, Year of Our Lady of Discord 2290, 
Hassan i-Sabbah on his deathbed in his castle of 
Alamaut revealed the meaning of life:

"Nothing is true, everthing is permitted."(English)
"Niets is waar, alles is geoorloofd" (Nederlands)
"Nichts is wahr, alles ist erlaubt." (Deutsch)
"Ingenting är riktigt, allting är tillåtligt." (Svenska)
"Rien n'est vrai, tout est permis." (Français)
"Niente è vero, tutto è permesso." (Italiano)
"Nada es verdad, todo está permitido." (Español)
"Nada é veradeiro, tudo é permitido." (Portuguese)
"Nic nie jest prawdziwe, wszystko jest dozwolone." (Polska)
"нет ничего истинного; нет ничего недозволенного" (русский)

maybe the Buddha was right?!

"On the surface, the Universe seems to be ordered; this is the 
But on closer examination, order disolves into disorder, which is the 

"Principia Discordia" Malaclypse the Younger, K.S.C.

"What we imagine is order is merely the prevailing form of chaos."
Kerry Thornley

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