Welcome to the Temple of Eris

   Behold a true image of the Goddess Eris from ancient Greece.  The
image of the goddess comes from an Attic 6th century BCE vase 
painting (I added the apple). The temple in the background is located   
at Metaponto in Basilicata.  Saint Carmine Crocco stands in the foreground.

Eris was the Greek Goddess of Confusion.  Her Roman name was

   She was the Goddess of discord, chaos, and strife.  According to 
Hesiod's Theogony, everything came forth from from Chaos:

   Verily, at first Chaos came to be,
   and next the wide-bosomed Gaia - 
   she who created all the immortal ones
   who hold the peaks of snowy Olympus:
   Dim Tartarus, wide-pathed in the depths,
   and Eros, fairest among the divine imortals...
   From Chaos came forth Erebus and black Nyx;
   And of Nyx were born Aether and Hemera.

  Eris usually proceeded the chariot of her brother Ares.  She was the 
sister of the four sons of Ares, Fear, Panic, Terror, and Trembling, 
though don't ask me how.  Also, she was the mother of Ate by Zeus.  
Ate was the goddess of infatuation, mischief and guilt and would 
mislead men into ruin.
    Eris is probably most famous for starting the discord which led
to the Trojan War.  When Pelleus and Thetis were married, they feared
the chaos that always accompanied Eris and did not invite her. 
Snubbing a goddess is always a bad idea.  Eris crashed the party and
rolled a golden apple marked "kallisti" ("for the fairest") across
the floor at their wedding
...Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera all laid claim to it.  Paris was
chosen as arbitrator.  Each offered him a tempting bribe.  He decided
in Aphrodite's favor and she helped him seduce Helen.  Helen's
husband led an army to Troy to get her back, thus starting the Trojan

Warning    to    control    freaks!

If you work with Computers, then you are well aware that she is quite 
powerful and cannot be stopped no matter how careful you are. In fact 
the more you try to impose order, the more disorder is created. 

So, if you are a boss type, you can get on Eris' good side by a little 
creative disorder. Give you workers flex hours, they'll be happier and 
do better work. Make every day a casual day.  Making your workers wear 
ties only cut off circulation to their brains! So let loose a little.  
Stop being so anal retentive and bossy.  This will improve morale and costs
nothing. Also the goddess will be pleased. 

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