The Book of the Spirit

     The Hebrew for "I love you" (Ani ohev otakh) is that of a man 
speaking to a woman.  A woman saying I love you to a man would say "Ani 
ohevet otkhah," and a man speaking to another man would say "Ani ohev 
otkhah," and lastly a woman speaking to another woman would say "Ani 
ohevet otakh."
     I site all these examples to demonstrate how specific the Hebrew 
language is regarding the gender of individuals being discussed.  In each 
example the gender of the speaker and the subject is clear (if you 
understand Hebrew).  
     In the 1st chapter of Genesis, God's spirit is described as hovering 
on the face of the waters.  In the original Hebrew it says: "v'Ruah Elohim 
m'rakhefet al-p'nay ha-mayim."  The verb used for hover (m'rakhefet) is 
clearly feminine and describes the Spirit of God.  The term for God used 
here (Elohim) is in the plural form.  So one possible translation could be: 

     And the Spirit of the Gods hovered on the face of the waters.  

     A Hebrew speaker reading this would know that the Spirit being 
discussed here is feminine.  Feel free to show this to any Bible believers 
who look on the Deity as a solely masculine thing.  A truly Supreme Being 
can not be limited in gender any more than it could be limited in time and 

     As a Discordian, I feel I must ask however, if the "Holy Spirit" is 
feminine, then how did the Holy Spirit get Mary pregnant with Jesus?  
Is Jesus the product of a lesbian spiritual union?  Inquiring minds want to 
know! ;oP

     What lesson can we learn from all this.  It is clearly that there
is a God, and she's crazy, and her name is Eris!

     This Holy Book of the Spirit was penned by his Holiness, 
Pope Antonivs I on Saturday, the 17th of July in year 1999 of the 
Christian Error.

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